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Aaron Marrant Captures I-35 Victory and 2017 Championship as first era of ULMA Comes to a Close!

ULMA Public Relations
October 7, 2017

Aaron Marrant of Richmond, Missouri captured his fifth ULMA victory of the year last weekend at I-35 Speedway in Winston, Missouri. Marrant’s victory also secured the overall Lucas Cattle Company ULMA Championship title.

On Saturday at I-35 Speedway, Marrant and Tommy Cordray were heat race winners during the night in which 12 drivers competed during the final race of the season. As it turned out, Marrant and Cordray also ran first and second in the A-main event. Behind the two leaders at the finish were Dustin Hodges, Cody Holtkamp, Jon Binning, Michael Leal, Colten Leal, Greg Truelove, John Willard III, Clint Nimmo, Bobby Penney, and Dylan Hoover.

With the victory, Marrant earned the title of 2017 Lucas Cattle Company ULMA Champion by just two points over Cody Holtkamp. Marrant’s championship year included victories at Lucas Oil Speedway twice and Lakeside Speedway, Central Missouri Speedway, and I-35 Speedway one occasion each.
From Kevin, Danny, and Sam, "Thank you to our Sponsors, Tracks, Drivers, and Fans for the last 11 years. We wish everyone the best as ULMA is set to begin a new chapter."
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