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Below: Congratulations to (Left to Right) Dustin Hodges (Champion), Cody Holtkamp, Chris Smyser, Mike Miese (for Aaron Marrant), Bobby Penney, Jon Binning, Todd McCoin, Chris Cox, and Tommy Cordray on their successful 2016 race seasons! Photo by ULMA. is the
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Above, Dustin Hodges of Fulton, Missouri captured the 2016 Lucas Cattle Company ULMA Championship Title. Photo by ULMA.
The tentative ULMA 2017 Race Schedule contains 43 race dates at various tracks, including confirmed appearances at Lucas Oil Speedway, Callaway Raceway, Randolph County Raceway, Lakeside Speedway, Central Missouri Speedway, and I-35 Speedway.

We worked very hard not to have too many overlap race nights as to help each of the tracks, drivers, and fans. In fact, we only have one overalapping race night, it is April 22nd in which both Lucas Oil Speedway and Randolph County Raceway will be competing. As we confirm any additional scheduling information we will post the news here on the site and on our Facebook page.