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Sunday, March 26 Mo State Fair Speedway
Friday, April 7 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, April 8 Lucas Oil Speedway
Friday, April 14 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, April 15 Randolph County Raceway
Friday, April 21 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, April 22 Lucas Oil Speedway
Saturday, April 29 Lucas Oil Speedway
Friday, May 5 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, May 6 Central Missouri Speedway
Friday, May 12 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, May 13 Lucas Oil Speedway
Friday, May 19 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, May 20 Lucas Oil Speedway
Friday, May 26 Lakeside Speedway
Sunday, May 28 Central Missouri Speedway
Friday, June 2 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, June 3 I-35 Speedway
Friday, June 9 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, June 10 Lucas Oil Speedway
Friday, June 16 Randolph County Raceway
Friday, June 23 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, June 24 Lucas Oil Speedway
Thursday, June 29 Lucas Oil Speedway
Friday, June 30 Lakeside Speedway
Saturday, July 1 Randolph County Raceway
Friday, July 7 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, July 8 Lucas Oil Speedway
Friday, July 14 Callaway Raceway
Saturday, July 15 Randolph County Raceway
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Lucas Cattle Company ULMA Drivers Ready for Season Eleven!
ULMA Public Relations
January 29, 2017

For the sixth year running, Lucas Cattle Company returns as title sponsor for the United Late Model Association (ULMA). Each year the partnership has grown stronger with Gary and Jan Hubert and ULMA could not be prouder to be a part of the Lucas family once again this season. During the off-season, Hubert offered to host the end-of-year championship banquet on the Cattle Company grounds and therefore, ULMA is proud to announce Saturday, October 28, 2017, as the banquet date. As the season progresses, ULMA will release detailed information regarding the banquet.

The 2017 season marks the eleventh year for ULMA and begins April 7th at Callaway Raceway in Fulton, Missouri and eventually ends on September 30th at Randolph County Raceway in Moberly, Missouri. There are currently 43 race dates on the schedule with 13 events at Lucas Oil Speedway, 11 at Callaway Raceway, eight at Randolph County Raceway, five at Lakeside Speedway, four Central Missouri Speedway events, and two appearances at I-35 Speedway.
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