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7/25/14 Callaway Raceway
7/26/14 Lucas Oil Speedway
7/26/14 Randolph County Raceway
8/1/14 Callaway Raceway
8/2/14 Randolph County Raceway
8/8/14 Callaway Raceway
8/15/14 Callaway Raceway
8/16/14 Lucas Oil Speedway
8/16/14 Randolph County Raceway
8/23/14 Lucas Oil Speedway
8/23/14 Randolph County Raceway
8/30/14 Central Missouri Speedway
8/31/14 Randolph County Raceway
9/6/14 Central Missouri Speedway
9/13/14 Lucas Oil Speedway
9/20/14 Lucas Oil Speedway
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Chris Cox Claims First-Ever ULMA Win, Payton Looney, Dwight Niehoff, and Kenny Mudd also Taste Victory!

ULMA Public Relations
July 21, 2014

Lucas Cattle Company ULMA drivers took part in four main events at three different tracks last weekend with Chris Cox, Payton Looney, Dwight Niehoff, and Kenny Mudd all claiming victories.

Action began Friday at Callaway Raceway where drivers competed in two main events, including the previous week’s makeup event due to damage to the turn four fence. Fifteen drivers competed throughout the night, which began with the makeup feature event where Lockwood, Missouri driver Dwight Niehoff rolled to his third win of the year over teammate Payton Looney, Gage Wineland, Vance Wilson and Chris Lapp.
Top 3 Callaway Raceway 7/11/14 (Makeup Feature)
1) 12 Payton Looney
2) 06 Vance Wilson
3) 9d Dwight Niehoff

Top 3 Callaway Raceway 7/18/14
1) 9d Dwight Niehoff
2) 12 Payton Looney
3) Gage Wineland

Top 3 Randolph County Raceway 7/18/14
1) 07 Kenny Mudd
2) 06 Vance Wilson
3) 9 Chris Lapp

Top 3 Lucas Oil Speedway 7/18/14
1) 1t Chris Cox
2) 04 Jeremy Kelley
3) 72w Jake Williams
Chris Cox in the 1t takes to the low side on his way to his first-ever victory at Lucas Oil Speedway! Photo courtesy of Chris Bork,
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